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Sunday 03/18/2018 07:55:23 UTC
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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18 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Thursday 06/12/2014 10:10:00 UTC
Terry, Nice to hear from you again, any information on a bench for the Arboretum would be welcome, things have moved on a little since I last posted as the donation has been posted off to help toward the storm damage to the Affray Memorial Stone site on Alderney. Martin Allen is the lead man that I'm dealing with and he has got quite a bit of information regarding seats and different types of material, costings etc; so that avenue of information from you could also be valuable at some stage because the idea of a bench donated from us has not gone away.

I hope that you're keeping well, take it easy and maybe we can meet up at some reunion in the future, the next one that I'll be attending is the Diesel Boat DTS that's held down here at Plymouth on the first Saturday in August annually.

Stay well and stay safe.

B. Dob.
17 Keith Towle
Location: Derbyshire

Wednesday 06/11/2014 20:53:34 UTC

Very sorry, have been absent without leave for too long. Have recently given up Chairman and Treasurer of a skimmer draft and now wish to return to the fold. Did Acheron in SM2 in the 60's Revenge (stbd) early 70's and then Valiant 72/75 thence spare crew till romft in 75. Still remember those tats on your legs !!! The NMA are or were a bit of a stickler if you wanted a bench that wasn't " Health and Safety". I have a contact or two there as the ship has both tree and bench at the venue. Take the best of care.

Keith (Terry !!)
16 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Thursday 06/05/2014 17:13:36 UTC

Either, no one reads the reports that I put out on this website, or they do, but don't wish to choose a home for the magnificent monies raised for what was to be The Blue Plaque Initiative, I asked for any Ideas giving an end date for suggestions, I myself made a suggestion but it proved to be too costly and it also would need an annual amount of monies for maintenance which I could not, nor would I make the commitment to tie up monies from future reunions to have a bench made of durable material (Picture supplied in 2014 reunion report). What I propose to do is this, donate our raised monies to the Affray Memorial that suffered storm damage on Alderney Island, Martin Allen estimated it would cost approximately £4,000 to correct the damage.

I do hope that this meets with your approval, I will be making contact with Martin later today with regards to my decision.

Thank you.

B. Dob.
15 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Tuesday 02/11/2014 14:21:32 UTC

Just a gentle reminder that time is running out for the ordering of food for the upcoming SM2 Sunshine Squadron Reunion being held at Weston Mill Oak Villa Sports & Social Club on the 01st March 2014, to order, a cheque for £7.00 secures entry and food (Buffet) made payable to me (Mr W Dobson)and sent to my home address, the closing date will be Saturday 22nd February 2014.

A cheque sooner rather than later would be most appreciative to allow the catering staff a better idea as to what numbers they will be working to. Thanking you in anticipation.

B. Dob.
14 china neodymium magnets

Wednesday 01/08/2014 02:30:25 UTC
Nice website. Best wishes to all
13 Atap
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Sunday 12/01/2013 18:44:19 UTC
It is a nice web with beautiful design Sir. I like this.
12 Steve 'Scouse' Park
Location: The Philippines

Monday 01/21/2013 21:11:40 UTC
Hi Gents

S/M Narwhal - '75 to '77

S/M Olympus - '77 to '86

SM2 Escape coxn - 92' 97

Keep the bubble steady
11 Frank Pas
Location: Harthill, Sheffield

Thursday 01/17/2013 19:41:29 UTC
Hi everyone, was spare crew for a while in the mid to late 70's pierhead jump a couple of times.Oppertune, Narwhale, Catchalot.

keep up the good work on the site, hope to make a reunion soon, or the Diesalboat Reunion.

anyone remembers me, pls feel free to email me.

Regards, Frank. 6(^)6
10 Les (Tiny Little)
Location: West Yorkshire

Saturday 01/12/2013 22:48:03 UTC
Was in SM2 on Olympus and Onslaught and was

captains sec in the refit group. Good to know you

have a get together. Hope to join you all somtime.

Tiny Little ex RS(sm)
9 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Monday 09/24/2012 10:04:56 UTC

At the 2012 March Reunion, I took shirt orders for over a dozen people who wanted to look 'Ship Shape - and Bristol Fashion', after the event I must add, and smart they will look too at our 2013 Reunion however, should you wish to appear 'Ship Shape - and GUZZ Fashion', why not order your shirts now in readiness of the next Reunion.

You have three choices of colours to choose from, they being White, Black and Pale Blue, the collar size determines the Girth (Big neck equals Portly Gentlemen) or if you prefer (Fat Bastard), the collar can be with Button Down or just Plain, be warned, some larger sizes only come with Plain collars, short or long sleeves, over the left breast WILL BE the Plymouth Branch of the Submarine Association Logo, your own personalisation can be selected for placing over the right breast (most go for Names or Nick Names), The cost to you will be £25.00, the Plymouth Branch will pay for your shirt, all you have to do is square up with the Branch Treasurer (that's if you live local-ish), or, send a cheque to me when ordering, clearly stating where you live and I shall endeavour to have your shirt sent direct to you from the manufacturers. The earlier you book, the less chance of disappointment in the shirts not arriving in time.

B. Dob.
8 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Monday 03/12/2012 11:19:03 UTC
Well men and men-esses who were present at the S/M2 Sunshine Squadron Reunion (11th Anniversary), the numbers are swelling which reflects in the monies raised for charity, £919.00 raised overall - kickstart fund for next year of £75.00 (still had £6.00 from Food & Door Entry Cheques), 'the tips' amounted to another £153.74, that's over and above what we gave whilst ordering our own individual rounds during the day, you are all a credit to the Submarine Service, the cheque's gone off to the Alliance Restoration Fund, lots of people have been in touch with me thanking (The Team) for the organisation, let me assure you one and all, it gives we the team a great feeling to see you all enjoy yourselves, meeting up with old buddies, and once again, enjoying each others' company.

Roll on next year ( Sat 02nd March 2013)same venue, same time.

I thank you.

B. Dob.

PS. REMINDER - Diesel Boat Reunion Sat 04th August 2012, same venue. same time as S/M 2 Sunshine Squadron Bash.
7 Andy Collier

Saturday 01/14/2012 06:45:19 UTC
HMS. Olympus 1978-80

Best wishes to all!
6 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Wednesday 01/11/2012 10:42:27 UTC
Hi Keith,

Now that the festivities are behind us, let's get revved up for March, you don't have to sign up to anything or for anything, if it's your intention to attend, you just pay an entry fee of £2.00 at the door, if you're travelling from outwith the local area and have accommodation booked, you'll probably have eaten breakfast already to line the stomach, if not, then we usually have the option to purchase a salad/buffet meal to help soak up some of the incahol, I've still to finalise the cost (last years' price was £5.00), it is my intention to e-mail all my Blue Book addresses, please feel free to tell all your buddies, come along for a good afternoon of 'Lamp Swinging', we are raising money for the Alliance Restoration Fund this year, bring a raffle prize if you wish to donate it into the draw, read my dit on directions etc; I promise you that you'll enjoy it.

Take care Pal, hope to see you there.

B. Dob.
5 Keith Towle
Location: Derbyshire

Thursday 02/24/2011 12:37:45 UTC
Only found your site on MOD Oracle thingy.

Too late to book the reunion, but will now visit the site on a regular basis.Where do I sign up !!
4 Pete
Location: Hereford

Friday 03/19/2010 17:54:12 UTC
See, I lose touch with things like this and only find things out after the event. Next year it is my intention to make the tenth bash, I shall arrange a holiday around it and make sure I attend and represent 'The Shire'. However I have reverted to type and will most likely sound Welsh to the untrained ear!

As I must be one of the only honest ex deeps left I therefore don't owe beery to lightning bolt...see I'm telling the truth. I will however gladly buy a sherbet for any deserving sob story AND I sure am a sucker for those. Hope to see you all and don't worry if you see me will be the tug at my heartstrings...or wallet that's doing it!
3 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Tuesday 03/16/2010 00:48:28 UTC
That's the Ninth reunion over with and I'm thankfully out the other side of it and still above ground, success yeah! I thought it was a great turn out, pat yourselves on the back, those that attended, remember, spread the word to your 'Oppos' that are not on the internet, hope to see you all next year, a milestone because it will be our TENTH REUNION. We donated £430.00 to our chosen charity "Submarine Benevolent Fund" run by the RNBT, holding £60.00 back for next years expected costs.

Stay well everyone.

B. Dob.
2 Alan Jones
Location: Plymouth

Wednesday 01/20/2010 20:37:26 UTC
6(^)6 8-| Well done on Producing this. I have now handed over the baton of the Re-Union to Billy& Pit k.
1 Billy Dobson
Location: Plymouth

Tuesday 01/19/2010 22:37:28 UTC
This coming Reunion will be the Ninth, i've sent some two hundred invitation letters out to date, If I may ask those that received them, please spread the word to your "Oppos" that I don't have addresses for, the more the merrier, and of course, more money to our chosen charity which is still to be decided on.

B. Dobson.